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Midstream Training for the Energy Industry
Language Focused Programs
Employee Training & Development
Downstream Training for the Energy Industry
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Upstream Training for the Energy Industry
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1.Workplace Safety Training Programs Online

We support every level of critical workforce development, with online courses for safety, compliance, soft-skills, emergency care, and craft trades.

Occupational Safety & Health

Human Resources

Environmental Management

Higher Education



Mine Safety (MSHA)

Qualified Electrical Worker

Arc Flash Training (NFPA 70E)


OSHA 10 & 30

Food Safety

NERC System Operator Certification and Continuing Education

Database CEH

Safety, Health, and Plant Science

Mechanical Maintenance

Electrical Distribution

Electrical Maintenance

Process Systems and Operations

Industrial Machining and Welding

Instrumentation and Control

Power Generating Systems and Operations

Manager Course Bundles

Individual Contributor Course Bundles

Individual Contributor Toolkits

Sales Toolkits


EMS & Firefighter Annual Subscriptions

EMS Continuing Education

Airway, Respiration & Ventillation





Additional Courses

Firefighter Development

Firefighter Series

Officer Development

Inspector Series


2.Employee Training and Development

Our library of microlearning training videos will help you elevate the skills of your modern workforce. Combine our courses with your instructor-led sessions (live or virtual) for a powerful employee and manager development program.

3.Upstream Training for the Energy Industry

Driven by the growth of unconventional oil and gas activity and an evolving resource base, the industry has witnessed increasing capital investments toward oil and gas exploration and production. To succeed in this ever- changing environment, the upstream segment must rapidly expand capabilities and accelerate the development of its workforce.

Petroleum Business



Multi- Discipline Training

Production & Completions Engineering

Reservoir Engineering


Well Construction/Drilling

Health, Safety & Environment

Data Management, Science & Analytics

Operation & Maintenance

Project Management

Unconventional Resources

4.Midstream Training for the Energy Industry

To develop a comprehensive plan to improve workplace performance. Our Workforce Development approach enables companies to meet business challenges, enhance effectiveness, achieve compliance goals, mitigate risk, and improve operations.

Petroleum Business

Multidiscipline Training

Gas Processing

Offshore & Subsea

Instrumentation, Control & Electrical

Mechanical Engineering

Pipeline Engineering

Process Facilities

Health, Safety & Environment

Project Management

Operations & Maintenance

5.Downstream Training for the Energy Industry

Downstream organizations must build organizational strength with a focus on workforce development and talent management to assure a sufficient supply of qualified recruits to meet the growing requirements and a commitment to building management and technical capabilities by combining conceptual training with on the-job learning.

Mechanical Engineering

Health, Safety & Environment

Project Management


6.Business and Management Training for the Energy Industry

Technical competency is crucial in today’s industry landscape. However, every technical professional should also have proper context around what their technical decisions mean on an economic level. Our Petroleum Business, Project Management, and Procurement/Supply Chain courses help technical professionals gain the business perspective they need to succeed.

Petroleum Business

Procurement/Supply Chain Management

7. Trainers Programs

Professional trainers in any field can progress their career with a Training of Trainers qualification. Improve your ability to convey information effectively, teach different learners and manage your classroom – whether in person or online.

8.Teachers Programs

Keep up to date with the latest theories and practises within the ever- evolving teaching field and become equipped to make the most of virtual and  physical classrooms. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced teacher or you are an educational leader, our variety of teacher training courses will help you to advance your career, to inspire students both young and mature and to teach effectively.

9. Language Focused Programs

Familiarise yourself with all parts of the English language. Our various language training programmes will improve your reading and writing in a way that suits your needs.

10. TEFL & TESOL Programs

Use your teaching skills to travel the world and absorb different cultures by taking a course that will enable you to work in the English language teaching sector. Become confident in your own English language awareness and adopt key skills needed for teaching in the foreign learners classroom.

11. Business Programs

Get ahead in your career. Our business programmes will help you progress in your job and teach you the skills you’ll need.

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