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Mekdam Edutech
Take your knowledge and skills to the next level with Mekdam Edutech; your all-in-one open source for the new age learning management systems, healthcare solutions, education consultants, training and certification programs. Start your career and make your life easier with the use of technology. In partnership with globally recognized solution providers, Mekdam Edutech offers powerful, user-friendly e-learning LMS platforms and software integrations for education, government, workforce and various other industries.
With the continuous advancement of technology, our products and services can be the solution to improving one's skills, knowledge, and productivity in order to accomplish more in less time and have the necessary advantages in the competitive workforce.


We, at Mekdam Edutech believe that only by learning and embracing technology and innovation we will be able to adapt to the inevitable changes.

With this in mind, Mekdam Edutech aims to contribute to the improvement of education standards in Qatar, with a focus on the importance of innovation in an ever-changing world, in order to support the professional and economic development of various sectors of Qatar’s economy in accordance with the 2030 National Vision.

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As pioneers in educational technology, Mekdam Edutech mission is to help the companies in Qatar to progress and meet their objectives as well as their goals in various fields & sectors such as: 

Educational Sector
Oil and Gas Sector
Governmental Sector
Healthcare Field
Construction Industry
Private Entities Sector

Achieving that by offering the best innovative end-to-end solutions which focus on improving learning outcomes through using modern technology.  It is our duty to maintain an infrastructure in accordance with industry’s best practices to support educators in their utilization of technology.

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